BD4Cancer     Harnessing Big Data to Fight Cancer FIGHTING CANCERS WITH BIG DATA AND INTEGRATION OF OPEN DATA.. [Read More]
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BD4CancerDB     Harnessing Big Data to Fight Cancer Creating the Big Data Landscape for Cancer.. [Read More]
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BD4Cancer     Our Big Data Timeline Most important events and initiatives for Big/Open Data in Oncology..[Read More]
Our Big Data Timeline
BD4Cancer     Big Data for Pharmacovigilance We combine Big Data analyses and BioNLP approaches for Real-Time Monitoring of Drug-Related Events from Social Media..[Read More]
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Open Data in Oncology     Open Data for Onco-Epidemiology Accelerating cancer research using available open datasets..[Read More]
Open Data
in Oncology
Big Data in Pharma     Big Data in Pharmacogenomics Using Big Data to discover and to explain drug-drug and gene-drug interactions....[Read More]

BD4Cancer was launched in 2015 as part of Open Data projects of TBi Scientific®. BD4Cancer aims at developing an analytic framework and a large integrative database for cancer research and Big Data in pharmacovigilance and pharmacogenomics.

Join the BD4Cancer Team

BD4Cancer aims at forming a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified scientists and experts in Informatics, Data Sciences, Medicine, and pharmacology grouped together with the desire to advance healhcare and cancer research using Big Data.

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Ethical Challenges

The use of Big Data in health brings enormous opportunities but it also raises complex ethical and privacy issues, we carefully consider ethical issues in the BD4Cancer project

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Code Sharing

All algorithms and code we developed withing BD4Cancer are publicly available on our Github repository.

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Transforming Cancer Research: The Genomic Data Commons (More Videos..)

News/Publications Watch - Big Data and Open Data in Oncology

  • [13 April 2017] Cardio-oncology: The Role of Big Data. Published in Heart Fail Clin.
  • [16 May 2017] Regulatory watch: From big data to smart data: FDA´s INFORMED initiative." Published in Nat Rev Drug Discov.
  • [9 March 2016] Big Data: The cancer registry as a cancer-control tool. Published in Cancer Journal
  • [8 March 2016] Opportunities and challenges in leveraging electronic health record data in oncology. Published in Future Medicine
  • [5 Nov. 2015] OpenHealth Platform for Interactive Contextualization of Population Health Open Data. Published in AMIA Annual Symposium
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Publications - Our recent publications/posts about Big Data and Open Data in health

  • [10 March 2016] Open Data in Oncology: AmbryGenetics launches AmbryShare and open access to 10,000 patients with breast or ovarian cancer.Link
  • [8 March 2016] Twitter Data for health and biomedical research. Le Cercle Les Echos
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Join BD4Cancer to learn new integrative approaches for cancer Big Data researcch.